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 The Kong Family Forum 
List of events.
The family tree.   Many names still missing!
Where are we all today.
Photos: Old And Not So Old - James' Branch
Photos: Old And Not So Old - Samuel's Branch
Photos: Old And Not So Old - Edward's Branch
Photos: Old And Not So Old - Esther's Branch
Group Photo - Thanksgiving 2004

Changes/corrections/additions to any of the above are always welcome!
Please send to ogheed at hotmail dot com.

To find who belongs on which tree
or to whom they are related or who their spouse is
or if they have children, click on the
Name Finder.
You must know the last name and in the case of a
female, her maiden name.

Brian Kong has initiated a series of web pages aimed primarily
at keeping  Kong desendants connected, interacting and sharing.  These are:

Kong Kooks Here you may post your favourite recipes be it from you greatgrandmother, grandmother, mother, or one you found. 
Kong Stories Do you have a special story to tell?  Memories of your "younger" days?  Did you have to walk 3 or more miles to go to school?  Were you around "before TV"?
Kong Travels Is there a trip you will always remember? Special vacation? 
Kong Religion For those with opinions on religion.